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Corporate matching- If your company has a matching program we would love to be the recipient.  

TAGG - Together A Greater Good (download app and use at participating establishments).

SMILEAMAZON.COM - While you shop online choose Amazonsmile and click on Omaha Rowing Association and a % of your purchase helps us out.

OMAHAGIVES.ORG- A donation to Omaha Rowing Association during the 24 hour giving event on May 22nd not only helps our organization but also promotes our civic pride. 


USROWING.ORG        Official US site for all rowing related info and waivers

ROW2K.COM               Upcoming Races and Results

REGATTACENTRAL.COM         Upcoming Races and Results

CONCEPT2.COM          Rowing Machines (ERGS)

JLRACING.COM           Uniforms


Boys in the Boat -Daniel James Brown

The Short and Snarky Guide to Coxing and Rowing - the Short and Snarky Coxwains

Rowing Faster - Volker Nolte

The Red Rose Crew - Daniel Boyne and David Halberstam

The Amateurs - David Halberstam

Power 1o - Fred Borchelt

The Shell Game - Stephen Kiesling