The Fundamentals

The list of Regattas below is the starting place for the season. All rowers participation in regattas must sign regatta waiver and register with US Rowing. The racing expenses are the responsibility of the individual rowers (this includes, uniforms, transportation and lodging, race fees, boat rentals or cost to transport the boats and food)

Regattas are a fun relaxing kind of day at the lake except while racing. We encourage friends and family to come out and enjoy the events.

February 2, 2019 Creighton 2K Challenge, Omaha, NE

June 1, 2019 - Row the Rockies, CO

June 2019 - Bea Ritchie Sprints - Wichita, KS

August  15, 2019 - Master's Nationals, Grand Rapids, MI

September  2019 - Head of the Des Moines (5k)- IA

November 2019 - Frostbite - Wichita, KS

Past events:

February 2, 2019 Creighton 2k indoor challenge - Results. 

Many of our rowers took part in this event. Congratulations to these individual competitors for taking part in their individual age bracket competitions:

  • Catherine Saarela-Irvin 2nd place

  • Ray Griggs - 1st place

  • Kristen Baus - 1st place

  • Nicole de Rosa - 5th place

  • Vanessa Jewell - 9rd place

  • Amanda Chivers -3rd Place

  • Lindsey Moore -7th Place

  • Robyn Whalen - 1st place

  • Megan “Skeeto “ Hearts- 13th Place

  • Carlie Buchanan -15th Place

  • Alli Welling - 8th place

  • ORA Junior Women did AWESOME!

  • Katy Bruggeman -1st Place

And in the relay events:

  • Couples Relay: Justin and Lindsey - 3rd Place

  • Couples Relay: Team Nico- 4th Plaace

  • Juniors Relay- ORA Girls Juniors 1 - 1st Place

  • Juniors Relay- ORA Girls Juniors 3 - 2nd Place

  • Women’s Relay - Omaha Rowing Assoc.-3rd place

  • Women’s Relay- Omaha Rowing Assoc. -6th Place